Brighten up your summer garden with annuals

Bloom time in most Rogue Valley perennial gardens runs from late May through early July – a glorious but short 5 or 6 weeks. By now, most perennial gardens are past their prime and look pretty dull for the rest of the season. Fortunately, there are many perennials that bloom in late summer, including coneflower,…


Battling blossom end rot

I think just about every gardener in the world has battled with blossom end rot on their tomatoes at one time or another. It’s really irritating to find those water-soaked spots on the ends of the fruits that you’ve nurtured through frosts and heat and hornworm attacks. That spot at the blossom end of your…

Deer-proofing your garden

Sure, they’re cute with those big eyes and expressive ears, but when it comes to deer-proofing your garden, they sure can be infuriating pests. Short of building a fence high enough that they can’t jump it—at least 8-feet tall—there are no permanent solutions.  Although, if you’re feeding them – you might want to stop that….