It is WAAAY too hot outside…

Southern Oregon has been hit with a heatwave. Seriously, it was cooler in Death Valley yesterday than it was here. DEATH VALLEY, people!

That doesn’t mean, however, that gardening stops. Those plants won’t take care of themselves! So it’s all about go out and sweat for a while. It’s fogging my glasses. It’s in my eyes, running down my neck. Ick!

bekah towelThen I remembered that I have been invited to try out these travel towels.

I took the two out of their nifty little net bag, wrapped the big one around my giant tumbleweed of hair – you know, like a turban – and went back to work.

These towels are sort of like a chamois, but much lighter weight.  And they sort of feel like some kind of microfiber.  They’re very nice feeling!  But – more than that – Omigosh, do these things soak up water!  Super absorbent!!

I would take these backpacking, stick ’em in my duffel for an overnight trip, take them to the river or the coast – anywhere I’d need to use a towel.  I’d even keep a set in my car for mopping up after a rainstorm, or if I suddenly have a bout of temporary insanity, and decide on an impromptu jump in the river!

There’s a link at the top of the page to go look at these, but you can go here as well.


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