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Claire Glenn-Atteberry is a life-long student of organic gardening principals, in both theory and practice, natural health and wellness, and navigating life.  She currently resides in Zone 8 b/c, where she continues to grow two fabulous young women with love, clean eating, and homeschooling.  When she is not writing SOMETHING, she can be found with her hands in the dirt, her nose in a book, a smattering of Magic The Gathering cards surrounding her (Mono Black Zombies ROCK!), or a cat in her lap (or sometimes a teenage daughter, a python, or a pittie!).

Passionate about many things, Claire writes for the Rogue River Press under two beats, features, and a weekly by-line called “The Garden Times.”  She can also be found blogging for others, and managing social media for small businesses across the country for Clarity Media Services, writing about life, mindfulness, her personal perspectives, and – hopefully – has something relevant to say that isn’t intrinsically annoying.

If there’s something you’d like to say, a question you’d like to ask, or something in particular you’d like to see published here, get in touch with her!  She’s actually pretty good at returning emails!  You can do that right here.  Or hop on over the the Contact page.